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Auto Insurance Chicago

How to save money on Chicago Car Insurance

Chicago Skyline

Auto Insurance in Chicago can be pretty stressed-out as well as very tiring if you drive around big city just so that you can gather more than one rate quote. Shopping for auto insurance is smart and we think that everyone should be doing the same thing.

What can save you money?

Many things will definitely lower your vehicle insurance premium and let’s name the important ones:

  • Car and Home Insurance with same carrier – If you combine two or more insurance products from the same insurance agency you will earn good amount of discounts.
  • Actual Mileage Report – Yearly mileage is very important, almost every insurer will ask you how many miles you drive on average, as well as the usage of your automobile. Make sure that you write/mention only the miles you are actually making, if you don’t go over 5,000 every year, especially if you live in downtown area where sometimes the car is not needed tell you agent about that. Every thousand counts, every dollar even saved even more.
  • Garaged Vehicle – Where is you vehicle stored overnight and/or when you don’t use it is also important while getting your insurance coverage. If your agent is not aware of your garage or perhaps secured area where your car is parked, let them know about it. We all know how Chicago can be if the vehicle is parked on the street.

If you have any questions about anything you would like to know about your future purchase, please do not hesitate to call one of our specialists at 708-387-4100. If you don’t want to drive and call agents around but would love to get an instant quote where you can compare multiple carriers as well buy your policy and be insured instantly, enter your zip code in the box on your right.