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Auto Insurance Chicago

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

How to save money on Chicago Car Insurance

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Auto Insurance in Chicago can be pretty stressed-out as well as very tiring if you drive around big city just so that you can gather more than one rate quote. Shopping for auto insurance is smart and we think that everyone should be doing the same thing.

What can save you money?

Many things will definitely lower your vehicle insurance premium and let’s name the important ones:

  • Car and Home Insurance with same carrier – If you combine two or more insurance products from the same insurance agency you will earn good amount of discounts.
  • Actual Mileage Report – Yearly mileage is very important, almost every insurer will ask you how many miles you drive on average, as well as the usage of your automobile. Make sure that you write/mention only the miles you are actually making, if you don’t go over 5,000 every year, especially if you live in downtown area where sometimes the car is not needed tell you agent about that. Every thousand counts, every dollar even saved even more.
  • Garaged Vehicle – Where is you vehicle stored overnight and/or when you don’t use it is also important while getting your insurance coverage. If your agent is not aware of your garage or perhaps secured area where your car is parked, let them know about it. We all know how Chicago can be if the vehicle is parked on the street.

If you have any questions about anything you would like to know about your future purchase, please do not hesitate to call one of our specialists at 708-387-4100. If you don’t want to drive and call agents around but would love to get an instant quote where you can compare multiple carriers as well buy your policy and be insured instantly, enter your zip code in the box on your right.

Chicago Insurance Quotes

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Obtaining an Instant Chicago Insurance Rate Quotes Online

Carriers on our network

Did you know that Consumers Insurance Agency can give you the actual quote from several different carriers under 2 minutes or less? That’s right last month we partnered with Quotepro the leader in online car insurance comparison where all Illinoisan can get their rates instantly.

All we need from you is literally 2 minutes of your time, few information about the driver(s) some details about the vehicle(s) you will be insuring and we will connect you with our Internet based comparative rater where we match you with some of the nations biggest and cheapest insurance companies that our agency represents and if you like our low prices and ready to decide online, you will have an option to buy your coverage with us and print the actual proof of insurance as soon as you make a payment and press the buy button.  How simple is that?

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and also personal or business check right online.

No need to wait,  enter your zip code in the box on your right and start saving now!

SR22 Car Insurance Chicago

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Filing your Illinois SR22 Car Insurance Online

Young Driver

SR22 Car Insurance Chicago is required for drivers with multiple speeding tickets or those with expired Auto Insurance Coverage. SR22 can also be used for DUI or DWI as well as other moving violations such as an accident. If you are required to carry an SR22 Certificate don’t let your hopes down because we can help. Even if your driver’s license is or was suspended Consumers Chicago can get it reinstated for you.

Many people like to call this document a Car Insurance, however an SR22 is actually just a proof from Insurance Agent to Illinois State Department that you are insured and if you fail to pay or cancel your policy the agent is required by the Illinois law to report the lapse in coverage to the state.

Unlike many others Illinois based companies, Consumers Insurance Agency is pleased to say that we are able to file your SR22 Car Insurance electronically, meaning that we don’t mail-in your papers and information, instead we are doing this online.

How can you file yours? Very simple! Just type in your zip code in the form on your right and check the box that you need an SR22 while filing in short form.