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Chicago Insurance Quotes

Obtaining an Instant Chicago Insurance Rate Quotes Online

Carriers on our network

Did you know that Consumers Insurance Agency can give you the actual quote from several different carriers under 2 minutes or less? That’s right last month we partnered with Quotepro the leader in online car insurance comparison where all Illinoisan can get their rates instantly.

All we need from you is literally 2 minutes of your time, few information about the driver(s) some details about the vehicle(s) you will be insuring and we will connect you with our Internet based comparative rater where we match you with some of the nations biggest and cheapest insurance companies that our agency represents and if you like our low prices and ready to decide online, you will have an option to buy your coverage with us and print the actual proof of insurance as soon as you make a payment and press the buy button.  How simple is that?

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and also personal or business check right online.

No need to wait,  enter your zip code in the box on your right and start saving now!