Illinois Insurance Minimums

Although you may have heard that Illinois used to have some of the lowest minimums in the country, that’s no longer true--because if you look around, you’ll discover that no matter where you are, whether you’re driving along the Lake or down the Kennedy, more than one in ten of your fellow drivers, doesn’t have insurance - 13.7% in fact, and that’s a financial disaster for someone who’s been injured by an uninsured driver.

So, if you’re a driver in the Land of Lincoln--and especially in Chicago--the state of Illinois says you’ll need to have the following coverage at the very least.

$25,000 for bodily injury (one person)

$50,000 for more than one person per occurrence

$20,000 for property damage

You’ll also have to carry uninsured motorist insurance as well, although it won’t cover property damage--you’ll need collision for that. You’ll also have underinsured motorist insurance packed into the uninsured if your accident is caused by a negligent motorist who doesn’t have enough liability insurance to cover the damages.

There are options available to you, too! Find out and get your quick quote here:

**all information from the Insurance Information Institute

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