Why do we need car insurance? It’s because life can be random

It’s true. Sooner or later, an accident will happen. And with that, comes levels of responsibility, also known as liability: money due for any damages caused, and that can be a lot. And while states vary on what and how much is covered, it’s coverage that will provide financial relief for victims of damages.

In order to legally register and drive your vehicle, each state (except for New Hampshire--but there you have to prove that you are financially capable of paying for an accident should it happen) requires that you maintain at least a minimum level of liability insurance, and if you leased or are paying off a vehicle, they might require a higher minimum along with additional coverages, such as collision and comprehensive.

There’s a great benefit to having insurance: protection. With the right plan and coverage, you can protect you and your family from huge expenses! It’s a small investment now that helps avoid expenses in the future - and you can take care of any physical damage - to property or people - that may arise. And if you have a good policy, then they can help you with managing costs of all the unexpected things that can arise after an accident.

Car insurance brings you peace of mind, knowing you and those around you, are protected. It’s easy--get your quote here

***All information comes from the Insurance Information Institute.

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