What's SR22 and why do you need it?

SR22 Insurance--sometimes called “Financial Responsibility”--isn’t actually car insurance. It means that the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office wants to be notified that you have active liability car insurance. It’s the insurance company that notifies them.

The various state DMVs require them in order for a person to have their driving privileges reinstated after an incident such as an uninsured car accident, or a conviction of a traffic related offense (like a DUI). Some states require them for up to three years for a driving without insurance, or driving with a suspended license convictions, and even up to five years for a DUI.

SR22 is NOT an insurance policy. It’s a form that your insurance company files for you with the state so that you CAN get insurance, and get back on the road.

At Consumers Insurance, we as a car insurance company offer best-in-class, low-cost, and effective SR22 car insurance solutions for all your car insurance needs. We make it easy by using the best-in-class electronic submission system, for your best in class, low-cost, and effective SR22 Insurance Policy. Also, we file your SR22 directly with the Secretary of State’s office, so you don't have to, usually within 72 hours.

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