Five Things You Need For Your Summer Car Emergency Kit

By JD Glass

Everyone knows a spare tire (or a donut), a tire iron, and a jack are three necessary things everyone should have in their car at all times. And it makes sense you’d probably also need a flashlight and a tire gauge (and if you don’t have one, get one--they’re super handy!). But these are Five Things You Need For Your Summer Car Emergency Kit, and having then in your car can help you get through some of the situations you may encounter during some of the hottest days of the year, and certainly some of the heaviest traffic!

If you don’t already have one, get a first aid kit. It doesn’t have to be a mini surgical kit, but it should have some bandages, an antiseptic of some sort, acetaminophen, scissors, and Band-Aids at the very least. It’s easy enough to either find a kit at your local drugstore or to put one together and put it all in a shaving kit bag!

You know how everyone tells you to hydrate? Well, if you’re stuck on the side of the road in the hot summer sun, that’ll be even more important than ever while you wave for help to arrive. Try to keep at least 6 bottles of water in your car (and make sure they’re under something so that the sun doesn’t beat down on them all day long).

We already mentioned a flashlight, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again--and batteries, just in case. Small enough to slip into your glove compartment, you can pick up a jump-starter for your car (or truck) going if somehow the battery of your car has been drained.

And because not only will you need juice for your car, but in some ways more importantly, you need it for your phone, too. In addition to the jump-starter, you should also have a cellphone charger. Keep a topped up one in your emergency kit, and extend your ability to contact help!

Every single one of these things is easy to find! Just gather them together, then put them in a safe place in your car, and you’ll be ready to face whatever the road throws your way this summer!

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