Who Needs Renter’s Insurance?

You do. Whether you rent a house or an apartment, the fact is that should a fire or other disaster strike, your landlord’s insurance will only cover part of the cost, and if there’s a theft or robbery, likely none of that will be covered. But Renters Insurance will help you.

No matter the size of your dwelling, you need to protect yourself financially--and that’s where renters (or tenants) insurance comes in.

This insurance will protect you in several ways:

Coverage of your personal possessions, from your bed to you books and everything in between, liability if, say, someone trips and falls within your apartment, and if something catastrophic DOES happen, it can provide additional living expenses (also known as ALE).

Renters insurance isn’t the same as homeowners: it won’t cover the building or the structure of the apartment--that’s the landlord’s responsibility.

Covering your personal belongings is a key component of this coverage, but it will also protect you in case of fire, theft, or a whole bunch of other unfortunate and unforeseen events. In fact, most coverages will protect your items in case of fire and smoke, lightning and windstorm, theft and vandalism, certain types of water damage, like if say, your neighbor leaves the water running when they go away for the weekend--flooding your apartment, or a pipe bursts, damaging your possessions.

As you can see, for about what it costs for a decent sandwich, you can protect yourself and all of your belongings from (or at least most of them) from permanent loss.

And better yet, there are discounts available, too. From bundling with you car insurance, to having a security system, having good credit, passing certain key birthdays and even using deadbolt locks, there’s a variety of ways to save available to you.

Protect yourself, your home--and the things that make it home: the items you’ve worked so hard for and the people you have within it.

Get your quote today.

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